Natural or Unnatural? That's the question.

So I honestly had a problem with colored contacts for a while. I was very hesitant to get them, my first thoughts were would someone thing that I was trying to be someone else? Would they feel like I'm trying to define that beauty looks a certain way? Then as quickly as those thoughts popped in my head, they popped out. SO what? I want to try something new, it doesn't mean I'm "less" natural or "less" me. It's still me just trying something new. These are my sentiments exactly when I change hair color, eye color or even dress sense.


I always used to think about how other people would feel about my change, sometimes I'll even say before they jump into conclusions that they should ignore it. When I first wore my colored contacts I kept thinking people were looking at me funny but I remembered one thing: My confidence was what made them look good, no matter how I looked or what I changed I'm still me. From that first day I put my contacts on till now I've gotten used to it and feel more comfortable. (I'm sure your thinking wow, they literally are JUST contacts) To me they really weren't theres always people who can run a huge debate on why people wear contacts and how they're insecure. Got my contacts from @ttd_eye on instagram (they took 3 weeks to arrive btw, I was so anxious but I'm glad they finally came)

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

P.S I'm really loving the definition in my hair right now for real. I didn't do much to my hair just moisturized it but I'll put up a youtube video on it soon!

What do y'all feel about colored contacts do you think they are as a result of insecurity?

Aderonke Raji2 Comments