Olive has been one of my favorite colors since like two years ago. I literally feel like it grew on me! So when I got this Olive fashionnova sweater (https://www.fashionnova.com/products/tangled-in-love-sweater-olive use code XORONKE for 15% off) I had to do the whole look. I went to the nail shop last week and found this kleancolor nailpolish in fashionista (literally the most perfect olive) and also had to bust out my favorite olive lip (limecrime trouble liquid velvetine) I've had this color now for about two years and can't get enough of it, and I even did a whole look on it which you can find here. I think the thing that I love most about olive is the way it looks on my skintone and my hair also. Sometimes this is how I put together looks you just kind of go with the color scheme, in this case I wish I could wear this color everyday!

A couple of people had been asking me about my hair color and truth is I dyed it black a month ago and it just didn't take so it's back to this Benin sand brown (LOL)

What are some of your go to fall colors?

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