How to crochet faux locs: Easily at HOME!

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For the longest time I didn't believe I could actually do crotchet hair on myself until I really put my mind to it this time. I got my crotchet faux locs from samsbeauty and I started off with a simple braid pattern, I'm still yet to put up a full video on youtube but I thought a fun pictorial on how I did it would be great first. 

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1.  First, I did a simple braid pattern and the truth is every time I do something for the first time I learn! Which is great but these braids were a bit too big so I suggest smaller braids especially int he front then joining them to larger braids in the back. Spend your time on your braids because it really determines how it's going to look int he end, make sure they are tight (but not too tight) and if you can't do them yourself get someone to do them for you! Trust me!


2. Start putting in the locs through the braids, make sure you insert the crochet needle under the braid and through the loop on the hair and pull the hair through (this is the part that the video will really help you in). When you pass the crotchet hook under the braid make sure its open and when you latch on the hair and pull under the braid make sure it's closed. After you've done a couple you'll get the hang of it.







3. Now that you're half way through, its a very different story when you get to the part, you have to make sure you are putting in the hair in the direction you want it to look on the part. Another mistake I made was opting for the middle part and later realizing I wanted a side part. I hadn't really parted the side part properly but knew I could still make it work. So after I got the part sorted out I just filled in all the spaces I could with the rest of the faux locs.





4. Who's this hot cookie? lol, I'm just joking! So I'm all done with the hair and it honestly took me like 3 hours because I was trying to figure things out. But I love the color and how it looks actually, I'm hiding the part because I low key still don't like how it looks. Overall installing crotchet hair is a learning process so keep doing it until you get better. This is the first time I'm installing anything crotchet on my hair so I feel like i did pretty good!

Would you try this easy style? What do you think of the color WOULD YOU GO BOLD?