Hey My loves! So I've been trying to find place in my life to fit my blog and finally I decided I'm going to be posting three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. I think it's better than trying to blog everyday like I was trying to do. (This is all a sidenote in discovering what works best for you)

Anyway, I went to New York this past weekend to collaborate with a couple of other influencers and I've got to say it was a success! I think it has really shown me that you can't go through life alone, people are always needed. I met up with @nnescorner, @nnennab & @chizuduru (all on instagram) I've got to say girl power is definitely winning! From our struggle of taking pictures in H&M to our banter in the chinese resturant we ate in, I've got to say it was time well spent!

I got there Saturday and on Sunday I got my hair done by @hairbysusy (the best hairstylist in NY period) and she installed some gorgeous crotchet hair for me (video coming soon). Then on Monday I got to hang out @monicastylemuse (an awesome youtuber/style guru) and gave her a glorious facebeat which you can catch on my youtube channel! I think as an influencer it's very important to be around other people who inspire and motivate you. There's always something to learn from someone! 

What do you think about collaborations? Yes or no? and what are your fears about collaboration with others?

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