A day in Ronke's garden #1

So I decided to start this series just because I realized some people want to know what went on in my day or even want to know what I wore etc. I named it Ronke's garden because everyday I see that it's another day to grow to flourish and I just think everyday is a new surprise so yeah! (I'm wierd I know just bear with me lol) I thought it'll be nice for you guys to see what goes on on the fun days (obviously most times I'm home editing videos). Sometimes you just have to go out and see what the world has to offer you know, if you have to meet up with old friends, try out new food or just discover a new place.

It's necessary sometimes to get your mind out of work and explore and that exactly what I did. I discovered this place in Baltimore called R House it's such a cute place that you can go to hang out not to mention the aesthetics are bomb! Thanks to my friend Alexis (@aramintarose) I was able to see a side of Baltimore I wasn't as accustomed to! I challenge you to explore your city, you never know what you might find!

Do you explore where you live, if not how do you feel you could do better?

Aderonke Raji3 Comments