Past Pastimes.

So since I'm starting a new journey this year with this blog, I decided to reflect and look for my old blog. Back in 2013 I used to blog but just for fun, but I've always loved it. I was kind of consistent too. It's a bit embarrassing though because all I used to do was pour out my thoughts however I love how I can see how much I've grown!

Below are a few excerpts from my blog, I really feel it's necessary to show you what I used to think in comparison to who I am right now. As people it really is important to keep memories (even if people can't see them) because one day you'll be able to look back and know how far you've come. So take as many photos as you can! Get a polaroid camera if you must and keep those memories, document your progress, and learn from it all to be the most beautiful YOU.

P. S Don't laugh at me, we all have our past (lol) I dare you to dig into your past and cringe as you pull out photos of when your mom used to dress you. Also do you think hanging on to the past memories (not bad ones) are a good way to see your growth?

Colorful Days Ahead,


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