To the window! To the WAL- MART!

From then on that was the only foundation I ever wore until I started really getting into makeup. My first lipstick was from Walmart I used to wear the wet 'n' wild matte lip colors and I had almost every color, that's where my ombre obsession came from. Funny enough all these products are still good quality products but now that I've tasted the forbidden fruit (more expensive, different quality makeup) it's almost like that's all I reach for when I need more makeup. People ask me all the time for affordable brushes and the truth is there are several, I didn't know that royal and Langnickel brushes were even sold at Walmart and those are some quality brushes! If you're ever wanting to try new makeup thats the place to start if you want you can save up to buy one item every time you go because Rome wasn't built in a day! It took me about two - three years to build my makeup kit and yet I'm still building. Even now I still get some of my makeup products from Walmart (lashes, real techniques brushes etc) Also, as far as hair when I first went natural I would STAY in Walmart just buying all the things I saw other people using whether it worked for my hair or not. I would spend at least $60 in one go on hair products just because now I was a college student WITH a job. All in all some cons of going to Walmart are that those lines can  be so long & sometimes they are out of stock of somethings you need because it's such a mainstream place.

What are some of your Walmart experiences what did you like and what didn't you like, and what were some of your first makeup/hair purchases.

If you live in the US or Canada or literally anywhere that has Walmart you'd see that it has become the hub of all things (from food to clothing and makeup). When I first started wearing makeup Walmart and Walgreens were the place for me because I was a broke college student and aside from that I didn't want to spend so much on makeup. The first foundation I ever bought was from the covergirl queen collection and back then my skin didn't need so much coverage (it doesn't now but I love a flawless look and I have a bit of hyper pigmentation). I remember that day like it was yesterday, after binge watching youtube videos back in 2010 I finally decided that I was going to buy myself a foundation. I had no clue what color to buy and I remember entering Walgreens and looking for a cheap foundation and that foundation caught my eye. I quickly picked a color and sneakily tried to open it so I could test it on my hand. After all failed attempts I decided to ask a sales associate, (which was a fail too because they don't know much about matching) however to my surprise we both agreed on a color and I bought it. When I got home I tried it on and it was a perfect match!

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