Winter Skin care ft L'occitane

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Hey Rsquad! I've been gone for so long and wanted to get back into blogging again so I needed to to start off with some skincare. I started using some L'occitance products a couple of weeks ago and I started off using their shower oil, which I really love right now.


To use the shower oil you apply it while your skin is still wet, and then you massage it in and rinse. It always leaves my skin feeling so baby smooth. After I'm done with the shower oil I use the fabulous oil (all these products are made from shea butter) which locks in the moisture and leaves me moisturized all day long.

It has a light scent which I love but is not a heavy oil. Oils are great to use on your skin for the winter months. Whats your favorite oil?

I'm also in love with their creams especially their ultra rich body cream. What I've noticed is you can put it on your skin after the shower and it locks in the moisture because it's more on the thicker side. Creams during winter are a really essential part of my skincare routine.

What do you do for the winter?




A bit about L'occitane:

Since the 1980's, L'Occitane has set up a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women of Burkina Faso who produce shea butter. To perpetuate this story with the women of this country, the L'Occitane foundation gets involved for women's entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso supporting literacy and microcredit programs and trainings for the development of income-generating activities.


This post is sponsored by L'occitane.

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