Hey there, So I started this series because I feel as though social media (instagram, twitter,snapchat, etc) is literally taking over the world of business as we know it. Also, I think the most asked question I get is how to build a brand on Instagram and how to grow your instagram and I have now decided that it is very important to discuss it through this mini series. I will cover points that have helped me as well as point that could help you overtime. Also to understand branding I would have to start with my journey then proceed to useful tips and tricks to get you

*NOTE: We all grow at different rates and I can only attribute where I am to one thing: God.

THE BEGINNING: (How Time Affects Social Media Branding)


I started on Instagram in 2011 about a year after it was created in 2010, I've always loved pictures and photography therefore I immediately got distracted from facebook to join this world of only pictures. When I joined instagram, I wasn't sure what it was about but I did know that I loved to post. I wasn't really consistent however there was just something about the instagram polaroid vibe that I loved. As you can see there was no quality to my photos and I was just posting random things I liked.


Fast forward to like my second or third semester in college I started getting more into blogging. I then started posting on instagram more frequently I think at this point I probably had like 130 or 140 followers (back then It didn't really matter to me because it wasn't serious). However it started getting in the way of school and other things so I deleted my instagram (SHOCKING I KNOW) So in 2014 I finally got an iphone (its alwways been the phone of my dreams) and started taking better photos, I was also in LOVE with black and white for some odd reason. This was also when I started a photography business with my boyfriend called chrome and raader (a platform that we interviewed upcoming bloggers, artists etc, in the DMV area) I then really started getting into instagram because I noticed it was really hard to get people to want to feature on our website because I had like 6000 followers at the time. From there I started posting more and I found VSCOcam (thanks to a bit too much research and also NY bloggers lol) Thats when I really started getting into aesthetics, and wanting my feed to look a certain way.

After one of my photos went viral I started gaining more followers and I remember like it was yesterday when in the end of 2015 I had 10K (I was so elated). I didn't really think anything of it and I just kept meeting up with people collaborating etc. I even started posting more natural hair pictures because people loved my hair! With that being said fast forward to last year 2016 when I hit 80k before the end of the year. By this time two things had happened, 1. I posted every single day no matter what, like my life depended on it, and 2. Influencer marketing became my full time job. In those 6 years I have learnt so much, and it has shaped me in a way I can't really explain.


So, now that you know my story you need to understand that it took me a span of three years to get 139 thousand followers. With that being said pace yourself some people grow faster than others and some slower than others. Make sure you understand that, EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY, the highs and lows, the slow points and the fast points. I didn't get here in a day and trust me I still have down days too! 

On Tuesday I'm going to be talking about Quality/ Consistency so stay tuned for that!

What do you hope to gain out of this series?