HOW TO START OUT ON INSTAGRAM 101 PART 2: Quality/ Consistency


So to follow up with my Part 1 of this series this is part two! Theres a new thing on instagram now where so many people don't care about their quality of photos or what they are posting. If you look at my previous blog post (part 1) you'll see I also came from a place of not caring about my quality. Quality, however is very important especially if you want to be taken seriously most brands look at the quality of your work. Most times people think it's the amount of followers you have that is hindering you from getting the opportunities you need but its not. I've seen people with 2000 followers getting opportunities just because they have a clean professional page. Everyone is just learning however it's EXTREMELY important to keep a nice professional page no matter what. It's also important to know where your brand is going also! For example if you are a blogger your page should not be a bunch of posts about your days and just random unclear photos. Also, if your a makeup artist you should have clear images of your clients or yourself. In terms of quality if your not sure compare your photos to some of your favorite gurus just to see if they are similar, below are a few pointers.

Good Quality photos should have:


-NO blurry or not focused pictures

-Clear images with good focus

-NOT dark 

These are a couple of quick examples of the difference in lighting and quality two pictures have. Even if you may not have a sony a5100 (which I use for my photos) or iphone 6s (which I also use) at least try and get the best photos through whatever means necessary. I usually make sure I take my pictures in a well lit area that is majorly in front of a window. As far as editing and taking pictures go I have a video on my youtube channel to help you get better pictures (click here)

The reason I grouped quality with consistency is because at the end of the day they both work hand in hand. You can have great quality content but what no matter what if your not posting every single day its like pushing a nice car. Personally, I post at least once a day and sometimes I even post twice a day depending on what kind of day I'm having. If you really want to take social media seriously and you've got quality downpacked then start working on posting once a day. It's also very important to interact with other people who do the same things you do. Consistency is something that will definitely get you a solid brand also because people will be more inclined to interact with your content. Make sure to also know what your followers love to see so they'd interact more with it. If you make a schedule you are more likely to stick to it and follow through so that could be helpful.

How are you going to implement these strategies?



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