HOW TO START OUT ON INSTAGRAM 101: Part 3 (Hashtags/Community)

If you follow me on snapchat (if you haven't followed me it's ronkeraji) I discussed how I think I'm going to try and just post twice a week just to get a hang of things on my website! That's just by the way, so today I'm going to be discussing Hashtags and Community. 

Now that your on your path to becoming more consistent, giving more quality content and just posting in general now the question is, How do I get myself out there. Without all parts of the formula honestly there is no way to succeed, if you are already posting quality content (no snap filters, good clear photos) and being consistent (posting at least 3 -7 times a week) then your on your way. BUT. Theres a BUT, you still can't seem to generate followers, then you have to find a way to put yourself on more people timelines! Hashtags are the number one way to get yourself out there!

If you are a makeup blogger then find popular hashtags from other makeup bloggers or figure out what type of hashtags create buzz. For example I use popular hastags like #makeupforblackwomen, #makeupformelaningirls etc. I use these hastags because they put me on the platform that other women of color and other women in general will see my posts and respond to it. If you are a fashion blogger then hashtags like #instafashion or #fashionbombdaily are hastags you can use (but as I said look at other fashion bloggers hashtags). Natural hair hashtags include #protectivestyles #naturalhair. What hashtags really do is allow other people who don't follow you to check your page out. Using a combination of multiple hashtags would also give you a greater chance of more people checking out your posts. 

I usually use hashtags every time I post especially on my instagram videos and pictures because more people will see it. Now that we've talked about hashtags lets talk about your community, it's very important to build a community of people on your instagram. With me I do this by trying to reply most of my comments as well as interacting with people around me. I've noticed it helps when you are able to effectively communicate with people who follow you.

I've also realized that building relationships, just like in life is important in the whole social media realm. I think of my followers as my mini family, the more they grow the more I can't reply to everyone but I usually take note of the people who comment frequently and at least try to know them by name.

All these points are GUARANTEED to get you more followers and I know that because I've experimented on myself and others. Its just like all other things in life, if you want something work for it!



Have you identified your strengths and weaknesses as far as your social media habits?

Aderonke Raji5 Comments