The Perfect Ombre Lip

If you know you me or follow me you'd know that I'm in love with the ombre lip, I'm continuously trying to perfect my ombre lip. However I'd like to share with you some easy steps in getting the perfect ombre lip. 

1. Make sure you start off with a clear canvas I usually like to start off with my foundation and correction done so my lips can stand out more.

2. I love using mac night moth liner (it's the perfect purple) and I make sure I have a clean, crisp line.

3. I then use the line to blend in the sides of my lip to prepare for the color in the middle.

4. I apply my lipcolor and blend it with the liner and that's a wrap! To watch my full lip tutorial click here  

The thing I love most about an ombre lip is that you can really mix so many colors together and form a perfect gradient. I challenge you guys to do an ombre lip and hashtag #rrombre on instagram so I can see your looks!



Aderonke Raji1 Comment