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HEY!! So this past weekend I had the pleasure of doing @msnyajuok makeup and I learnt a few things I thought I'd share. Being darker it's very hard to find her shade so I had to do some concocting myself! I figured that since the only concealer I had was too light and red for her I'd dilute some products to make her shade. I've noticed LA girl cosmetics has a white shade of foundation (WHITE AS THE COLOR WHITE) and people use it to lighten foundations or concealers that they have! SO because of that I realized if people can lighten a foundation then you can darken one too!

STEP 1: Get a bit of eyeshadow (you can use other black makeup items that are available) and mixed it with the concealer or foundation of your choice

STEP 2: Most darker shades aren;t always warm toned (red) some are cool toned however sometimes when you mix the eyeshadow in it may need a bit of warmth (ADD A BIT OF COLOR CORRECTOR)

STEP 3: Test it out on the area you'd like to see if it is your perfect shade, and voila you've got your shade! You can also do this for powder if you'd like!

I hope these tips helped you achieve your color, my wish is that there is a company who brings out a black foundation so you can dilute or make your color a bit darker if needed.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you every tried making your foundation lighter or darker? If yes, how? SHARE BELOW!