What is Motivating?

So I woke up this morning with immediate regret about how I've been treating my business lately. It's so weird how emotions just change in a second! One day I'm bummed out because I'm not inspired and the next I'm driven and I feel like I can do anything. This year I promised myself that I was going to do the best I can do but I got caught up watching 90210 (which I've watched before) and just chilling. Sometimes being an entrepreneur comes with this grey area of work/ play balance especially because you work from home.

I honestly think that for me my brain is very active when I wake up in the morning and I'm more psyched to get on with the day. The first thing I thought of today is how I've gotten into the habit of making these mini excuses in my head about why I can't do certain things. People usually ask me what motivates me and today I realized what it is. I didn't know where I was going and what I was doing for years and even when I did things they never just picked up. I always felt like I was never where I was supposed to be. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my fiance and we were talking about people who have opportunity (people that don't necessarily have what it takes but succeed anyway). I immediately realized that though I wasn't that person the point I was trying to pass across heavily applied to me. I told him "Even though people have a shorter ladder and are at a disadvantage they are still able to catch up and even surpass people whose ladder has been tall the whole time" Now, I'm where I'm supposed to be and God proves that to me daily in different ways, I have the ability to prosper so why not put more effort into it?

Thinking about that for a second I realized that I had been mopping in this idea of people who were "better" than me or people who had more than me that I wasn't letting myself succeed. SO back to the question, what motivates me? I motivate me, my emotions drive me I enter a state where in my mind I can fly, How do I get there? I believe in myself I look at myself as someone who is going to do AMAZING things if they just put themselves out there. So what holds me back? Doubt. Doubt that if I go as hard as I'd like to maybe I wouldn't get anywhere, maybe I wouldn't succeed, but you know what that is? The devil speaking, God didn't give us that spirit of doubt but success.

Every time I think  I can't or I get in my feelings I always ask myself. Who are you? I had a weird but definitely relatable dream that has nothing to do with how I view myself but I think it's what brought me to this blog post. I had a dream that I was sitting with a group of people and someone asked me "Do you know ronke raji?" and I got up and said I AM RONKE RAJI, and immediately it was like looking at myself through a mirror, almost like I didn't believe it. I fell upon a quote that I now have on my vision board it says "the only opinion that should matter when you look in the mirror is your own" When I looked in the mirror it felt like I was undeserving of the person I've become, if that makes sense and I'm determined today to be myself in every possible way because I deserve it.

BUT guess what? It's up to me to change that mentality that mindset, I CAN do it, I have the power to succeed, I'm powerful, I'm smart, I'm strong. Mentally, I'm sound and if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything. I got this, YOU got this! We are motivated together and when we are in a bad place or feeling uninspired we got this!

How do you re-inspire yourself and where do you get your motivation?